Step 1 - Get the unique email address

To add a blog post by email, you'll need the unique address associated with Labs site.

Copy and paste this email address and add it to your email contacts.


STEP 2 - Build Your Post

Write text

  • Email Subject - Add the title for your blog post in the subject line.
  • Email Body - Add content for the blog post in the body of the email.

Attach an image

You can attach one image to display in the blog post. The image will appear at the top of the post.

  • File formats - .jpg, .gif, or .png only
  • Image Size - Images will look best at 600-800 pixels wide
  • Attachments - Attach the image. (Don't drag and drop it into the body of the email. If the image is in the body of the email, it may not display in the post.)

STEP 3 - Submit YoUR POST

When you're ready to publish the blog post, email it to the unique address above with copied on the CC line.


The post will be live on the site within 24hrs and you will receive email confirmation from the Create team.




Questions? Email