Early on, we believed in virtual. We wanted to work remotely. We were frugal. We'd make some calls, design the next thing, then catch some waves.
A lot has changed since 2008... 

Today, we are committed to creating modern, functional, and beautiful gathering places. Hawai‘i Life workspaces are for sharing with clients and colleagues. It's where we exchange ideas and information. We come for friendship, support, and fun. And, we come to work

With 14 locations around Hawai‘i, we're honing into a few stylistic elements that generate positive responses from our team and public, and differentiate us from other brokerages.


Design Foundations

Hawai‘i Life has roots in design, and our locations are an extension of that. Our spaces feel more like a gallery than an office. The workspaces are largely open floor plan. We avoid cubicles, excessive paper, and clutter. We adapt to the nature of the town, the building. Simple elements of Hawaii  are added through imagery and materials. Sustainable and reclaimed materials are used when possible. We strive to be unlike other real estate companies (and our offices are no exception). 


Award-winning Tadpole Studio is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Honolulu and Bangkok. In 2014 Hawai‘i Life partnered with Tadpole to create our office in the Shops at Wailea. Recent plans for locations in Ewa and Kukui‘ula show the progression in office design that comes from working with Tadpole's team. 

We strive to provide opportunities for experimentation, inspiration in design. Our goal is to serve as catalyst in the creation of meaningful new works and to collaborate with the design community to expand public interest and understanding in contemporary design.
— — Bundit Kanisthakhon, principal, Tadpole

Future Locations

Working with Tadpole Studio we've come up with progressive designs for our next spaces at Ewa and in the Shops at Kukui‘ula.