Apple Product Discounts for Hawaii Life Members

All agents and employees with a Hawaii Life email address can receive discounts on Apple products. Current offers include:  

Computers: 6% off
iPad: 2% off ( Bulk Pricing: up to 5% off on 10 or more)
Unlocked/Full Price iPhone: 2% off
iPod : 5% off
Apple Watch: 2% off
Apple TV: 2% off
AppleCare and AppleCare+ : 10% off
Apple Branded Accessories: 10% off (excludes Apple Pencil and iPad Pro Keyboard)
Third Party Accessories and Software: 10% off

Three ways to receive the discount:

  1. Contact for online orders.
  2. Present your Hawaii Life business card at an Apple or authorized mac store and request your business member discount.
  3. Contact our Apple Business Expert, Merle Fukuda at 808-738-4403

Create an Agent Template in Zipforms

Create an agent info template to auto populate your info on Purchase Contracts.

Log into Zipforms and do the following:


Repeat the above steps and choose vacant land instead of residential in step 3 and again to choose condo in step 3.  

Once you have done these templates, every time you create a new transaction using the Purchase Contract Guidelines templates, these templates will automatically put your info on the contract as well.

Christie's C-Suite Training Video

If you are a Christie's agent, or wondering about the marketing benefits available if you sign up to the program, we have a training video for you. 

The Christie's C-Suite is a portal that provides you with Christie's branded marketing tools you can easily send to your clients and prospects. These tools include templates for postcards, ecards, magazines and more, all with the Christie's logo and your information.

The video is 30 minutes long, and will cover the basic information on the available tools and how you can use them.